After nearly half a century of experience handed down from one generation to the next, the Sella has identified as a priority objective a continuous innovation based on a solid background of knowledge in the field of temperature control. The commitment and passion that characterized this long journey of research have made recognizable the Sella brand as synonymous of quality.


Each specific problem requires a dedicated solution.

For this reason we design temperature control units to the specific dimensions of each application with the goal of obtaining a dynamic but precise temperature control system that optimizes performance and reduces process consumption. Custom systems, open skid modules and multi-zone versions are all developed to ensure perfect and full mechanical and electronic integration into users’ lines. The performance and reliability of our systems improves production quality, reduces waste and drastically decreases downtimes, thus optimizing the productivity and profitability of your line.


Simplicity, flexibility, reliability are the key features that form the basis of the products we create.

Our machines have always been designed to endure over time, to reduce maintenance costs and to have a broad base of readily available replacement parts. Attention to detail and selection of the best technical materials are practices our company adopts to guarantee long-lasting and high-quality performance. All our systems undergo rigorous stress testing and inspection cycles at a wide range of operating temperatures, carried out by scrupulous, highly skilled technical staff.


The company has grown over the years, thanks to the passion of the Sella family, which, generation after generation, has continued to set new objectives achieved thanks to the work of a team of people who, every day, work hard to design, develop and realize innovative solutions. This commitment has given rise to a steady stream of skills that translate into thorough experience in the field of temperature control, and know-how that Sella can consistently put to work for the benefit of its customers, going beyond the role of mere supplier to create a relationship of trust as technical partner in the design and development of new ideas.

For us, catering to the specific needs of the customer is a determining principle rising above the logic of an increasingly globalized and impersonal market.


The efficiency of our systems is ensured by the high quality of components used, our proven design process, careful production and strict and comprehensive quality control. Customers can count on a direct relationship with an immensely competent partner, always helpful and reliable, and, if necessary, attentive technical support. Major national and international companies have chosen Sella as an indispensable partner in their activities, conscious and convinced of the importance of an highly effective and synergistic collaboration.

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